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16 Bit Assassins

16 Bit Assassins


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We are your weekly dose of theRidiculous; Hollywood, Comic Books, Gaming, and the general hilarity that is the human race, none of it is spared, our opinions are honest, unfiltered, slightly skewed, possibly biased, and not always sober, welcome to the hilarity that is the 16Bit Assassins.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday night, and your two favorite geeks with no lives are back on episode 96 Toaster and Dunny talk about everything, because a lot has happened in 2 weeks. On this excercise in the riduclousness the... more

Wow it's been a long time, but we're back after an extended hiatus and we've got some things that need to be said, On episode 95, the Assassins talk about the stupidity that is gamergate, and it's impact on the gaming community, and while... more

Well it's Friday and the 16Bit crew is back with another episode of The 16Bit Assassins podcast. With the Tokyo Game Show kicking off this week we talk about some of the new trailers and news coming from our gaming friends in the... more

Ladies and gentlemen, it's another episode of the 16Bit Assassins podcast. On episode 93, we are joined by Grant from Red Level Games to talk about their upcoming title Dragon: The Game. Also on this episode, Dunny and Toaster talk... more

Okay, it wouldn't be a 16Bit show without something going stupid, but we're back for a Friday show, on this episdoe we talk some Pax Prime, and are joined by The DcD. On this episode we talk a bit about the unfortunate hacking of phones,... more

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday and that means the 16Bit show is back, and we've got a great show lined up for you, Toaster talks about what he's looking forward to during his trip to Seattle, and Pax Prime, Dunny talks some playable... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Friday night, and you know what that means, another amazing episode of the 16Bit Assasins podcast, on this episode we find out if Toaster survived his drive to Florida, and we check in with Dunny who has been... more

Ladies and gents, it's one of our usual special Thursday episode, and we're joined by one of our favorite guests, that's right, Dan Silvers from Lantana games will by with us. On this episode we take a look at EA's subscription service, we... more

Well ladies and gents, we're going to try round 2, thanks for checking Friday's show by the way, So, what are we talking about on episode 88.5, well, all the things we couldn't talk about on Episode 88 because of the internets deciding to... more

Ladies and gents, it's another Friday, and another 16Bit Assassins show, on this episode we're joined by Matt from the Game-A-Thoners, you may remember them from a few episodes back, but Matt didn't get the chance to join, and is... more