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We are your weekly dose of theRidiculous; Hollywood, Comic Books, Gaming, and the general hilarity that is the human race, none of it is spared, our opinions are honest, unfiltered, slightly skewed, possibly biased, and not always sober, welcome to the hilarity that is the 16Bit Assassins.

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Okay, okay it's been almost a month, you aren't the only one that felt it, Dunny had withdrawal symptoms, I think Toaster started twitching, but ladies and gents we are back and on episode 81 we have some fun stuff to talk about, Ray360... more

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and did we miss you, especially after two weeks, but we have a great show lined up for you this evening, tonight we're joined by Rob and Fab of the game-a-thoners, guys dedicated to helping... more

Ladies and Gentlmen, it's Friday night and we're Live, from our own video game convention right here in the 16bit assassins studio. While everyone else is at PAX we're here bringing you any news we could find because, well someone has to... more

Ladies and Gentlmen we are live again on a Firday at a half mark!! On this episode we talk about a 5 year old figuring out how to get around security built by Microsoft, Square Enix, and Behemoth show some indie love, ESO launches... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time once again, that's right, it's the 16Bit Assassins hour long spectacular. On this episode we alleviate Diablo 3 fans fears that will never see it on Xbox One, Toaster goes off on the internet for... more

Well everyone, if you missed us we're back, and back at an all new time slot. That's right, we're at 8pm now, so you can still have a social life after listening to us. So we've been off the air for a bit but we're back with a vegenance. On... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's here and we're happy an no we don' t mean Bacon week but that's important, what we do mean is the 16Bit Assassins, on this episode we talk about the Xbox One's show pony called Titanfall and how one... more

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday and time for your 16Bit Assassins we got a short show for you tonight, on episode 74 we talk about Titanfall and VD, Onimusha, and Resident Evil's music is a lie, Amazon continues on it's quest to make a... more

Ladies and Gentlemen we are back for another Friday episode of the absurd. On this episode we find that the National Internet Archives have opened the doors for some classic gaming emulations, the culture of remakes continue with rumors... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Friday night and the 16Bit Assassins are back, Tonight we are joined by the 16Bit crew's honorary co-host at this point Dan Silvers from Lantana games, as well as the newest addition to the 16Bit crew JC Riley. On... more