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The reality of this show and the Irony of it's characters will be missed on most Black Men and woman. Listen...It is not my intention to crap on this show and it's audience. I personally call those who try to police what the people listen to as the Fun police. However you must understand WHY this show really appeals to us as a people AND IT'S NOT ALL BAD. THE QUESTION NOW BECOMES .......IS IT HEALTHIER TO BULD AN EMPIRE OR CREATE A DYNASTY??? There will be mild language. It's all love Fam
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My dear sister/Nana/Elder Abena Afreeka will return to 13Revolution to discuss and break down Acceptance from a Black perspective. She will deal with the Bobbi Christina Brown situation and how it relates to our mental struggle as a... more

A mature look at what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught. The Science of God and Man!

My whole young life has been spent struggling to come to grips with "GOOD OLE BOY" systems. Whether by WHITE AMERICA or BLACK POWER PLANTATIONS. At what point does what you DO or CAN DO count more than... more

LISTEN - It is very easy to criticize the majority of Black entertainers, athletes etc. and call them coons. Everyday a choice has to be made. Will You and I as Black men and woman will either be successful monetarily???? Or will we be fulfilled... more

My Elder Ahmed K. El Shabazz returns to speak on the 2nd uncle in the Problem Book and it's relation to the Nation of Islam. We will speak on the FBI files and how there was a systematic plan in place to dismantle the infrastructure... more

We Welcome back my Allah group sister and her powerful voice. She will lend some Much needed context to what is being dealt with in the School system by our young children. This will be an interesting listen.

My B.A.I.O. Fam will Help us understand what Nationhood really is and why we should have it. Can it be done here or elsewhere? Whats to gain from having it abroad? Why dont Black movements arrive at this conclusion? Also we will... more

My sista is a Giant in the work of childrens culture and creating a Nationalist mental architecture. She is an author a wife and a radio host for War on the Horizon. She blesses us with her time and attention to break down why her... more

What exactly are WE doing this for? How long do we plan on do this? Do we even know what the THIS of Revolting and REVOLUTION is anymore??? IN THIS DAY AND TIME WE NEED MORE THAN AN ONGOING OUTDATED MODEL OF... more
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