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13entertainment is now expanding to Blogtalk. Host Nu-life brings knowledge, experience, and an old soul.Shugg-13 brings, as he states, "COMMON god damn SENSE".Our resident Goddess Ms. Barker brings Maat to the War Front. D-Nice brings a smooth poetic delivery with knowledge as the overtone And Shawn our "Melanin Delayed" street teacher. Moreover, We will feature a variety of topics ranging from state Hip-Hop,True History, Real Law,and Spirituality that works! Before we begin 13 will like to salute the soldiers that came before us starting with Dr. Leonard Jefferies,Dr. Ben,Dr.Ivan van Sertima,Dr.Richard King,Noble Drew Ali,Khalid Muhammad,Dr.Walter Williams,Dr.Jose Piemento-Bey,Jim Brown,Dr.Afika,Dr.Sebi,Dr.Jewel Pookrum,Dr.Delbert Blair,Dr.Phil Valentine,Brother Steve Coakley,Bro Dawud,Taj Tariq Bey,Proffesor Griff,Robert X,the Honorable Bobby Hemmitt,To the God and Goddess Kossivi and Latoya Jackson,and My Personal Heru Dave Chappelle,and the Dude that threw his shoe at Bush!...13...Hotep contact info Nu-Life13@Hotmail.com or Facebook.com/JayNulife /Shug13@ +1 215 789 9013 or myspace/13thirteenentertanent, and make sure to check out our youtube channel -biggshugg13,dont forget to rate and subscribe!!!

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Our sexy co-host Ms.Barker is hosting her first show and she has choose the topic.!!!Wow!!!So fellas come out and learn how to please your women. Women come learn how to please your man. Furthermore, learn some new sex rituals... more

Conscious means "in the know"! Well that means that we are not operating on a mundane or low vibrational level. However, some sceptics will say that this little girl is going straight to the depths of HELL, but suicide has been a means of... more

Crack really F@cked Black people up! We started selling our children to drug dealers and users. Allowing them to be molested and taking advantage of by Sexual Predators (Funny Uncles, Funny friends of the Family, Mom F@cked up... more

This is a Live broadcast along with several other BlogTalk stations. It is definitely a must hear!!! Here is the description: The #1 Dallas Morning News regional nonfiction bestseller now throws open its earth shattering secrets for the entire... more

The number "13" is a Powerful number and that's why we ask our Special Guest "The Quabalah God" A.A. Rashid to help us break the number "13" and its significance. Also, Young Jedi and Clarity will come by to drop some new tracks... more

It's time to stand-up and recognize "Greatness"! This dynamic duo should be a household name in the conscious community. It's time to get off of that patriarchy B.S. and recognize that "GOD has a Womb" and Latoya"Jedi"Jackson has... more

There is a new soft drink out there called, "DRANK" that contains Melatonin. Do you know what that mean? People they are drinking us!Where are our so-called leaders Jesse,Barrack,Al,Oprah and Bill, etc? And How come no one is talking... more

Mother is God to her children!!!Mom's These children need you and not just on Sunday's when you drag them to church put them in front of a preacher and tell all your children's dirty tales. These babies need you to stop taking them to... more

Black woman stop co-signing their agenda and understand that the reason that it is not enough Black man is because of you! Your body produces eggs and those eggs are female. The female to male ratio is 4:1 so overstand that it will... more
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