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12Steps Further™ emerged as the result of a deep desire within us to share new insights that enhance ones journey of recovery. www.12stepsfurther.com Miss

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www.12stepsfurther.com. Step 12: part 3. The principles of recovery are the foundation for living a transformitive life. They are applicable in our spiritual commitment to recovery, but when put to use on a daily basis, we are able to... more

www.12stepsfurther.com "Having had a spiritual awakening ... we tried to carry this message to addicts/alcoholics"... how do we carry this message? We have learned from experience of working the past eleven steps that persuasion and... more

The Spiritual Awakening is a process that has been gifted to us one day at a time through our recovery. Every day has been a miracle full of lessons and blessings that have carved on our hearts and minds the impressions that... more

Have you ever heard these words, "Don't tell so-so that I told you"? Happens all the time, someone shares a "secret" that was told in confidence. But what about our own secrets? The things we are embarrassed or ashamed of? Or the... more

"I've got this" is a phrase that can be dangerous for the addict/alcoholic. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. We can have confidence that the spiritual principles of the twelve steps are the solution to a better way of life and... more

In this episode, guest host, Coach Carla interviews the co-founders of 12Steps Further™ to gets them to open up about their personal recovery and to share their shared vision for taking 12Steps Further™ from radio to live... more

Setting and keeping good boundaries for one's self is like an artform...it takes a lot of trial and error and a lot of dedication. We've heard about them and we know we should have them, but many of us kow that we have a problem with... more

How abundantly blessed we truly are! Even in the darkness, there is always light if we choose to see it. The simple words "thank you" are the light switch that can transform any disaster into a miracle of recovery. In this half hour special of... more

12Steps Further™ - Join Skip Sams as his guest, author Brian "BJ" Elliott, offers "Hope Through Courage" by sharing about his life as a Crystal Meth addict. Walking out of Hell, BJ's tells his powerful story using some AmaZing original... more

Join Skip Sams as his guest, author BJ Elliott, offers "Hope Through Courage" by sharing about his life as a Crystal Meth addict. Walking out of Hell, BJ's amazing story of triumph will touch your heart. He shares some beautiful and amazing... more