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You’re a business owner. Time is a very precious resource. Welcome to 12 at 12 ... 12 minutes of leading-edge, applicable information that will move you and your business forward with purposeful intent; create awareness; and open your mind to new possibilities. It is my goal to inspire, empower and guide you in transforming your business to one of amazing success, ease and abundance. My name is Susan (Sue) Crutcher. As a certified professional coach; money, marketing and soul coach; spiritual coach and health & wellness professional coach, and multiple business owner, my focus within these segments will be to bridge the gap between spirituality (our life purpose and how we give back to the world) and business (the vehicle through which we share our life purpose with others). “Keep doing what you’ve always done and you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” Or, as Albert Einstein so aptly put it: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The time has come to approach our business with purpose-full intent; to be consciously aware of our strengths and weaknesses; to recognize that, in fact, our thoughts do create our reality and that we have the capability and the right to choose our thoughts and, therefore, deliberately create our future as we desire it to be. Welcome to 12 at 12.

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We've been featuring the "F" in the acronym "FOCUS" on value and integrity to create exponential success in business ... no matter where you are right now. The last two episodes have been part 1 and 2 of the 3 crucial steps to... more

In today's episode, we continue to delve deeper into the "F" in "FOCUS on integrity and value to create exponential business growth ... no matter where you are right now." "FOCUS" is an acronymn where the "F" stands for "Familiarize... more

Today's episode delves into "F"amiliarize yourself with the VALUE of the service or product you offer. You must know the value to the client and the value to you in order to choose an investment point that is congruent. How do you... more

We continue from the January 12 episode with some tips and strategies of how to communicate more clearly with the universe what exactly it is you want to achieve. After all, if you're not clear, how can you expect exponential growth?

In this final segment of "clearing the money clutter closet" we will focus on "preparing for increase". Following a very brief review, we'll delve into an exercise to help you prepare for increase in your life and business .

Like the last episode on October 6, this one is focused on clearing the money clutter closet. However, this time, we will delve into the practical side of our subconscious beliefs about money and a few action steps you can take to... more

Today’s episode is focused on bridging that gap through our beliefs. We’ve talked about beliefs and reality in other episodes so you have some background. This episode is specifically about the practical side of our subconscious beliefs... more

Trusting you've had a fabulous summer so far. As you've noticed, the calls have been 3 weeks apart. I know many of you are on vacation and, of course, I enjoy a little vacation here and there myself! In fact, I've had the awesome opportunity... more

Since you've been so patient this summer waiting the extra week for this show, and I promised you it would be worth it ... I've decided to use today's episode to give you the "sue-nopsis" of the THREE CRUCIAL SECRETS YOU... more