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Bible study and encourage listeners to read and study the Bible. Current events reviewed in the light of Bible prophecy... improve happiness quotient. Isa 52:6 Therefore My people shall know My name; Therefore they shall know in that day That I am He who speaks: 'Behold, it is I.'" NKJV To make known the name of Yehovah Yeshua to the world... blessings come from Yehovah Yeshua and our Heavenly Father.

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The Fruits of the Holy Spirit support and enable the 12 Riches of Life. An understanding of the practice of having a definitate purpose as a foundation to living is imporant to the achievement of the true riches of life. Yeshua came to... more

This is Part 2 of the Great Sermon. Learning from Yeshua's (Jesus') powerful sermon on how to live and be His students lays the foundation of our study of the 12 Riches of Life. If you didn't listen to Part 1 of the Great Sermon, please... more

As we begin studying the 12 Riches of Life, Allen will review with you Yeshua Yehovah's Great Sermon. With Yeshua Yehovah with in us, the in dwelling of God's Holy Spirit, the 12 Riches of Life are achieved as "fruits of the Holy... more

Those who belong to Yeshua Yehovah (also known by many as Jesus Christ of Nazareth) are entitled to the 12 Riches of Life; the byproducts of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that the Apostle Paul described. Just as we are required by... more

There are ten important pieces of information that you need to know about God. Listen to The Truth and learn more about the true God of the Bible

You need to know where to go for an abundant life and the truth. Truth is reality. Learn more about the source of life now and for eternity that is found in only one place - the Bible which is the inspired words of the Almighty Himself. It's... more

There are two LORDS or Yehovahs clearly revealed in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Our potential and the very reason for our existence and begin born is connected with the understanding of the two LORDS or Yehovahs.... more

You need to understand Who you worship. Exactly Who makes up the Creator's Godhead? Pagan sun-go worship infiltrated into Judaism some 100 years after the Old Testament was canonized by Ezra just as Yeshua's movement... more

Allen will review with you some historic evidence showing when, why, and how God's Name was changed from Yehovah (YHVH) in 126 places and the tradition of pronouncing YHVH (Hebrew for Yehovah) as Lord or in Hebrew Adonai.... more

Just as Christianity has been infiltrated by pagan sun god worship and practices so has Judaism. In fact the concept that is held so dear to Judaism of monotheism is pure pagan and was added to Judaism hundreds of years prior to... more
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