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Eld Michael Cannon



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Elder Michael E.Cannon has been in the Ministry more than thirty years.He has preached and taught in the prison system for Twenty years,he has been a christan Ed teacher.He is ordained with the PAW Pentecostal Assemblies of the World,INC. The Bible is Truth when it is rightly divided.

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Signs Of The New Testement Church Before The Church Is Caught Away. Men Are Traiters,Heady,Highminded,Lovers Of Pleasures More Than Lovers Of God.!!!!

Signs Of The End Of The New Testament Church.False Prophets,Wars Events, Movements,Earthquakes ETC !!!!!!! The Last Days !!!!! 2 Timothy 3.1.

Mark 13.35,Wat,ch Ye Therefore: For Ye Know Not When The Master Of The House Cometh,At Even, Or At Midnight,Or At The Cockcrowing,Or In The Morning.!!!!!

The End Time Signs Before The Appearing Of The Lord To Rapture The Church.The Bride Of Christ.Take Heed Lest Any Man Deceive You !!!!!! MARK 13.5

St Paul Instructions To The Bishop Titus To Set Order And Ordain Elders In Every City!!!!!!

St Paul Warning About Apostasy,Rejection Of Revealed Truth. Some Mens Message Is More About Themselves Than The Lord Jesus,The Christ,The Messiah. Evil Men And Seducers Shall Wax Worse And Worse, Deceiving And... more

St Paul Told Timothy To Stir Up The Gift Of God Which Is In Thee By The Putting On Of My Hands. The Apostle Paul Ordained Timothy, And Laid Hands On Him And Charged Him Preach The Word.!!!!!

Preach And Teach The Word,Fight The Good Fight Of Faith, Lay Hold On Eternal Life. Stay With The Word Of God !!!!!!

St Pauls WarningsTo Timothy About False Doctrine In The Latter Times,That Time Is Now!!!!!!

Warnings And Instructions To His Son Timothy In The Gospel,Only Believe, One God,Sound Doctrine/Teaching!!!!!!!!
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