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Ever wondered what two opinionated people talk about? Join us every Monday at 6pm EST/3pm PST to find out. From politics to entertainment, LaKeisha and Matt will put their own spin today's topics like they only know how. So pull up a chair, grab a drink, and have some fun. This show is for you.

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This week's show is a dedication to the economy and finance reform. Oh yeah, did I mentioned that there was a bomb scare in Portsmouth, NH? All this and more including a "Shameless Plug" for LaKeisha's endorsement of Ann McLane... more

This week's show is a mixture of funny and serious. Matt is going to introduce to the world, the Medieval Gangster and we're going to talk about the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, we going to talk about the White... more

This is new show that I will be hosting giving you all the national, world, and entertaiment news you can use. I will be interviewing people in the know, and providing my unique perspective on certain topics. Today, I am going to be... more

Today we will discuss the Arizona bill and other stuff. Also Matt will try the Double Down from KFC.
KIR w Keisha n Matt

Today's Show

  • by KIR w Keisha n Matt
Yes, it feels good to be back where to doing what I love, discussing politics as usual. Matt was fabulous. It was a really great show, and I look forward to having more great shows. I hope everyone tunes in and share their opinions and... more

Welcome back! We are going to discuss on the anniversary of the OKC bombing why there is so much hate and fear in this country. With the recent threats to officials over the Healthcare bill, why are people afraid of change? How can we... more

This show is for all my single ladies and even those who are not single. We are going to discuss what it means to be single today and how much fun it is to be SINGLE
KIR w Keisha n Matt

My First Show

  • by KIR w Keisha n Matt
So it was my first show. I had everything ready, when my roommate decided to not be quiet and interrupt me at every turn. So my first hour was me rambling. Then, the last hour was AWESOME! I got what I wanted. A spirited debate... more

We'll be discussing President Obama's first 60 days in office and ask the question on everyone's mind, is the Repiblican Party really out of touch with the American people?