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I just want to be free How often have we heard the cry " I just want to be free." Not just Phylis Wheatley, or the Amistad political prisoners. Not just the Hebrews in Egypt nor the Scots or the Irish not too mention for that matter... more

Can We All Join the Peace and Love Party? That would be my prayer today.

Feelings matter, overcoming the Malaise I am over 21 and typically consider myself an adult. Well my feelings remain fixed in the stubborn and stuck on stupid mode. Like an adolescent who is pouting who has locked the room door behind... more

.A synergistic approach to revealing the personal and collective wisdom of the Astrological Sciences, with a melding of current and contemporary events linked to historical antecedents.

detailed analysis of prosecutors report with a retired police captain, Richard Randall

In light of recent events in Cleveland , Ohio, what does that say about training, community engagement, police practices and system communication ?

Introduction to Upcoming Broadcast featuring Frank Harris , Creator of the N Word Project. A series of short audio interviews with individuals pertaining to the use of past, present and future use of the N Word Term. Tune in on Monday... more

One often hears the phrases, seats at the table, getting into the room, reserved seats, vip, etc, well whether you are interested in state politics or not, if you live in the new haven area, your state representatives and state senators are in the... more

I have heard a variety of names suggested regarding potential rivals to the incumbent Mayor John Destefano . Let's be fully aware that the every two years the election for the titular leader of New Haven takes place. this coming... more